Website Copywriter for SEO & Real People

A good website copywriter will make you feel you’ve arrived in the right place, and want to stay. 

Who are your customers and what are they looking for? I’ll enter their world. Not literally, of course – they might call the police. But I do need to know what your customers want before I can give it to them. It’s always been about understanding your customers, and so it should be: if you can show your customers that you get what they need, they’ll feel right at home. They’ll start to trust you. And if they trust you, they’re far more likely to buy stuff from you.

A professional Website Copywriter needs to know how Google (other search engines are available…) works too. I’ll help you find your most valuable keywords and I know exactly how to use them. I’ll pull in and lock the right visitors and leave them in no doubt that you have the solutions they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a Website Copywriter you probably already know something of the importance of getting all of your on-page SEO elements right. I work with some of the most experienced, SEO-savvy web architects in the business. If there’s anything compromising your on-page SEO we can spot it and fix it.

SEO is not about ‘gaming’ Google. Google exists to promote the best. It always has. If you want to be number 1 in a competitive market, you need to develop your site as a useful resource. Pulling people in is one thing. Giving them something worth coming for is something else. In short, content is king. And it’s back to the basics: give them what they want. Simple, clear information on what you can do for them. Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Make them smile.

Good content assures your customers you can deliver what they need. Good content is the difference between a website that generates sales and one that doesn’t. 

Now, what is it you’re trying to do?

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