Social Media Content for Facebook, Twitter & Specialist Blogs

“Get me on Facebook – we need to be there.”

“Quick! Start Tweeting stuff – anything! we’re getting left behind!”

Don’t panic. There’s so much noise out there, do you really want to add to the din?

The most important thing you can bring into the world of social media is something worth sharing. A good product’s a nice start. With one of these under your arm, you’re in the best position possible to take advantage of online ‘word-of-mouth’.

If you bring something people want to the table, and if you have something worth saying, then you’re ready to have a conversation. Desperation/spamming is a turn-off. Get the basics right first. Twitter will only work for you if you are a welcome addition to the conversation. Otherwise, you’ll be ignored.

Any business can put up a Facebook fan page. Not every business can create a page that excites users, encourages them to share the page with friends, creates a viral buzz and adds a stream of new fans. Regular, relevant, interesting and entertaining updates are essential to get the best results. Some type of incentive always helps – a competition that’s fun to enter with a great prize up for grabs. People will pass it on. It’s a nice creative challenge.

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