SEO Copywriter

Funny thing this SEO. Seems like everyone’s an expert.

Truth is, nobody knows everything but I’ve been fairly obsessed with SEO for a good ten years now and I can confidently say that I have a well-informed inkling of what the search engines like and what they don’t like. Yes, keywords are very important. Used correctly they’ll help your site rank highly for related searches. Links coming into your website are the main signal that it’s worth a look. But they have to be the right links. And your Social Media needs to be nice and active to really get you noticed.

I can help with all of this. And then it’s back to what happens when all these potential customers find your website. The words they see in the Search Engine Results are critical. Why should they click through to your site and not the others? We need to get these right. Then your website copy needs to deliver, or they’re off again, and they won’t come back.


If you want a SEO strategy that works, get in touch.