That's me, that is

Words are some of the most powerful things in the world so we need to get them right.  The ‘I know, I’ll be a Copywriter’ moment came in 2008. I had set up a little digital marketing agency with some web and graphic designer friends. I still work with most of them today. I killed the others. Anyway, I started doing the words for things and they really did the trick. Gave me quite a buzz, still does.
I’m just me, doing what comes naturally. I’m much more interested to hear what you’re trying to do so we can start to bring it to life. Get in touch.

Website copywriting

A professional Website Copywriter needs to know how Google (other search engines are available…) works too. I’ll help you nail your most valuable keywords and I know exactly how to use them.


The words seen in the Search Engine Results are critical. Why should they click through to your site not others? We need to get these right. Your website copy needs to deliver, or they’re off, never to return.

Social media

Any business can put up a Facebook fan page. Not every business can create a page that excites users, encourages them to share the page with friends, creates a viral buzz and adds a stream of new fans.


When someone speaks to you, you listen. And that’s a very, very powerful thing. And so we have our starting point: who are you trying to reach? Then we just need to figure out how. Lets have a little chat…