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Want more customers?






Well, if you change your mind…



Let me guess.

You’re good at what you do. Or you’re at least trying to be. But when it comes to telling the world about it…

Welcome to my world: full of people who are extraordinarily good at what they do. Genuine life-changers, some of them. But they all get stuck on the words. Funny isn’t it.

You are not alone, which is nice.

So, I could start banging on about what a great Copywriter I am. Rattle off some alliteration about crisp, clear and concise copy.


You don’t want to hear it.

Because it’s not all about me at all. Or you, for that matter.

It’s about them. Your customers. And understanding what they want.

Because if we can show them that you understand what they need, they’ll feel it. Simple as that.

And they’ll start to nod and smile as they read.

Because we’re talking to them. Properly.

And that’s when it starts to work.

Makes people feel at home.

That they’re in good hands.

That they’ve come to the right place.

And don’t need to go anywhere else…

A good website copywriter will make you feel you’ve arrived in the right place and want to stay. 


Who are your customers and what are they looking for? I’ll enter their world. Not literally – they might call the police and it would get weird. But I do need to know what they want before we can give it to them.

It’s always been about understanding your customers – and so it should be. If we can give them what they want, they’ll know that they’ve come to the right place. That they’re in good hands. They might even start to like you! And if they like you, they’re far more likely to buy stuff from you.

And this SEO thing. Let’s be sensible about it. We can go as deep as you like, and believe me, I can go deep… But remember this is ultimately all about what happens when someone finds your website. This is about how it makes them feel. This is about 5 seconds to make an impression. And if they don’t like it, they’ll leave. And they probably won’t come back.

Pulling people in is one thing. Giving them something worth coming for is something else. In short, content is king. And it’s back to the basics: give them what they want: simple, clear information on what you can do for them.

Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Make them smile.

Look, if we get this right, the people will come, they’ll like what they find and they’ll get in touch.

Fancy some of that?


Let’s have a little chat.

Website Copywriting

A good website copywriter will make you feel you’ve arrived in the right place, and want to stay. Who are your customers and what are they looking for? I’ll enter their world. Not literally, of course – they might call the police.

Search Engine Optimisation

Funny thing this SEO. Seems like everyone’s an expert. Truth is, nobody knows everything but I’ve been fairly obsessed with SEO for a good ten years now and I can confidently say that I have a well-informed inkling of what search engines like and don’t like.

Email & Direct Marketing

People will open stuff if the subject line gets them. Do you prefer to read things that are short, interesting and that make you smile? So will they. Finally, a call-to-action with clear, timely benefits. This will maximise conversion. You’ll like that.

Word Bomb, aka Mike Mcaffrey, has been responsible for handling most, if not all, of the written words emanating from Atticus Events and our HI Design forums for the last seven or eight years. This includes social media activity, website copy, advertising campaigns, exhibition stands as well as sales and operations support with newsletters and e-campaigns etc.  In addition, Mike has successfully driven our SEO strategy to ensure that our businesses are consistently highly visible. What sets Mike apart from others is the creative and fresh ways in which he views each campaign, whilst still providing clarity, relevance and humour.

Jonathan Needs, Director, Atticus Events Ltd

Mike / Word Bomb really took time to understand our business, goals and our ethos. He just gets what we do and is part of the team. He’s helped us increase our conversion rate with a more human approach for copy to better appeal to our target market. Skillfully weaving in all of our most important keywords into copy that reads naturally and explains what problems we can help the reader solve. Would recommend to anyone looking to set up a website from scratch or re-invigorate an old one.


Mike came up with some truly inspirational straplines for my clients social media campaigns. It’s rare to connect with a copywriter who also knows SEO inside out. Plus… friendly, creative and fun people are always a pleasure doing business with. Dude, your copywriting is the bomb!

Yvette – Webyogi Digital Marketing