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Advertising Copywriter - copy and concepts for ads, direct mailing and brochures


Strong ads change lives. They will make you stronger. Faster. Sexier. More popular. More of whatever it is you want to be!

The best ones stop you dead in your tracks and make you splurt your coffee out through your nostrils! They make a real impression because they cut through the noise and speak to YOU.

When someone speaks to you, you listen. Now that's a very, very powerful thing.

And so we have our starting point: who are you trying to reach?

Once we know who, we can figure out how.

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Ad for HI Design EMEA for Sleeper Magazine October 2013
Ad for HI Design EMEA for Sleeper Magazine May 2014

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Copywriter for direct mail/emarketing

People will open stuff if the subject line gets them. Do you prefer to read things that are short, interesting and that make you smile? So will they.

Finally, a call to action with clear, timely benefits. This will maximise conversion. You'll like that a lot.

I can even provide the software and the best template designer in the business.


HI Design EMEA Eshot for Atticus Events
All Ears Design Newsletter for All Ears Design

Brochure Copywriter

The quality of your brochure is an indicator of your service offering. Get the details right with this and it shows you really care about the little things.

Your brochure also needs to be practical and useful, providing the information that's needed in a clear and simple way. Your customers will start to see that you understand what they need and that you can deliver it. They'll make that call or put your brochure carefully in 'the drawer' for when they need you.

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